About 'De Vriendin van Belle' 

A warm welcome

My name is Thea de Groen. I am a natural medium who has developed and trained her talents from the English medium, where Medium is a common profession. With both feet on the ground, nothing scary or drowsy. Everything is energy, I work with that.

From my Holistic view of life and expertise as a medium, I'll help you to get back in your power again. You decide, it is your life. Nobody can do it for you and that's good, because that makes you wiser, prouder and stronger.

What can I do for you?

I help you to get back to your strength so that you can regain control over your life.

I help you with insights.

I mirror you so that you can see for yourself. I give you insight into your real needs.

I give you tools, practical tips and support.

I help you to get clear what you need.

I communicate with you from soul to soul.

I help you with information from the spiritual World.

I help you from inner knowing.

I supervise and support you with life issues and problems.

I accompany you in loss and mourning processes.
I accompany you with high sensitivity and fear.

You determine your life,
You are responsible for your life.

What I don't do?

I do not make decisions for you.
I'm not telling you what to do.
I don't make decisions for you.
I do not give diagnoses (illness).
I do not make predictions.