As a medium, I am the newsreader of energy for both the physical and the immaterial World. With the aim to bring healing.
This can be your soul that reveals your true potential and gives you clarity about the direction of your life.

It can also be the energy of someone who has died and would like to know how they are doing.
Who sees how you struggle and gives you help and / or advice from that other dementia.
Mediumship gives you comfort, is healing, gives liberation, is enlightening, insightful and heartwarming.

What can you do with it?

Medium contact gives you insight, openness, clarity and knowledge for where you are now in your life.
It gives you tips and directions how to deal with and solve issues.
Furthermore, it gives you direction and insight into your true potential and possibilities to use it.
Medium ensures that you get insight into your true soul desires.

It gives you confidence and comfort.
Mediumship is the proof.

What do you have to do?

Open up and let go of all your prejudices. Come, experience and listen to what spirit has to tell you.


Healing is simple, safe and supportive. It brings balance in thoughts, body and soul.
Healing stimulates the natural self-healing ability of man in all its facets and does not cost you any energy.

Healing can be used with:

Fatigue, over-fatigue, burn out,
grief, loss, grief processing,
pain when letting go or changes,
sick or recovering from illness,
struggling with problems that do not seem to end.

What can you expect:

An immersion in a bath full of loving warmth,
deep complete relaxation that works through every facet and recharges your energy.

What do you have to do:

Take time and attention for yourself and you have to want to be open to it.


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