Life Coach

From your first to your last breath, you go with the steam of life.

On an adventure along sunny beaches, dark clouds (high) mountains, (deep) valleys.
Along chasms and all temptations, your place in society, education, work.
Then we also have the bodily transformation from baby to adulthood
with all the hormonal changes, love, grief, separation, children, saying goodbye and becoming older.
In short, everything that this entails for choices and accountability.  

Life as a person challenges you to experience, to enjoy, but also to learn to deal with dualities and pain.
Join your flow and be welcome if you get stuck.

Anxiety guidance

If fear dominates and is in control of you, then it surely is time to see what the real need is behind your fear.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

High sensitivity
Had bad experiences
Do you float on the water without a compass
Tired of being afraid
Scared in the dark
Want to be free

What do you take with you?

The courage and will to do something together


Medium / Healer

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Spiritual life guidance

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Child coach

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